About Us

An International Success

Our growing reputation is based on our ability to understand, document, transition, and successfully execute complex technical processes across a number of highly regulated industries.

Underpinning these skills, our quality management and process improvement resources, supported by a robust transition management framework, enable us to take on new processes in industries that we have not previously managed. In doing so, we often increase the quality and performance of process delivery against our clients’ experience of managing the processes in-house.

In addition to delivering these bespoke services for a broad range of businesses, we offer specific expertise in three key areas.


The first of these is the aviation industry, where we help household name airlines with functions
ranging from flight, route and fuel planning and optimisation to baggage handling, workforce
planning and customer service.


Second, we have a highly qualified team in finance, accounting, consulting and advisory, which
delivers end-to-end finance and accounting solutions to a broad range of businesses.


Finally, our CareJet service is the Philippines’ leading local partner for international travel insurance
companies, covering all areas from medical assistance and insurance claims to full air ambulance
medical evacuation.

CareJet is the Philippine Assistance Partner for IAG, the world’s largest airline group, as well
as being the preferred Air Ambulance and Medical Assistance Provider for the Philippine College of
Emergency Medicine.

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The Philippine Advantage

Highly Educated

Asia’s highest English-language proficiency

24/7 Outsourcing

When we set up our company, we chose the Philippines as our base because it allowed us to provide world-class technical capabilities and service at a very advantageous cost to western businesses. In addition to having a highly educated talent pool, the Philippines offers Asia’s highest English-language proficiency, with the country’s laws written in English.

The high quality of the workforce means that as we build our team, we are able to recruit many business specialists returning from working at high levels in other major business centers such as Singapore and Dubai.

Manila itself is geared up for 24/7 outsourcing via investment in infrastructure, buildings and lifestyle options, and the outsourcing industry has created a new wave of job opportunities and prosperity for a growing Filipino middle class.

This outsourcing culture, combined with time zone difference advantages, means many tasks can be completed overnight in client terms.