Our expertise is focused on three main areas: Aviation and Travel, Business Operations; and Medical Services.

Aviation & Travel Services

We are a leading outsourcing provider who has been contracted with many well-established aviation and travel organizations over the years.


We integrate customized operations and engineer solutions for small and medium sized enterprises.


CareJet assist aims to transform the future of healthcare delivery in Philippines and across Asia-Pacific.

Aviation and Travel Services

We offer tailored solutions to the aviation and travel industry by providing unique outsourcing services. Our innovative team take care of all the behind-the-scenes processes for our clients.

These processes range from flight planning and cabin crew roster management, to travel assistance and more. Building on a strong heritage in global aviation services, we have been contracted by many well-established organizations, and have gained a wealth of invaluable wisdom and experience over the years.


Business Services

We have extended our services into the SME sector, providing businesses with customized operations. Whether our clients need customer service management; quality assurance processes; business intelligence and data analysis; or accounting and financial services – we can tailor-make appropriate solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing business operations.

We understand that every business has its own intricacies. With our consultative approach and deep industry knowledge, we provide the best possible service to a wide range of enterprises.


Medical Services

CareJet Assist, part of Global Virtuoso, helps health and travel insurance providers deliver cost-effective medical case management to their travelling customers. We have an in-house team of Case Specialists and an extensive network of local healthcare providers across the Philippines and Asia-Pacific. This allows us to facilitate timely and appropriate care and resources to handle even the most critical medical emergencies. CareJet Assist aims to transform the future of healthcare delivery in Philippines and across Asia-Pacific.

Whether in aviation and travel, business operations or medical services, innovation drives our entire organization. We strive for continual business process improvement to enhance key metrics across programs. We are also able to assist your business with revenue generating opportunities.


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